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Volunteer Opportunities Available:

Hub Manager Volunteers  – Arrive a bit earlier than other volunteers to assist in checking in and explaining tasks to fellow volunteers. Shift time: 8:30-10:30am.

Hub Volunteers – help set up or tear down the tents, supplies, and work with BikePGH staff to share info, chat about BikePGH’s mission, and get OpenStreetsPGH participants to fill out our event survey. Shift time 9:15-2:15pm

Safety Volunteers – Volunteers will staff mandatory dismount sections and assist with announcements/clearing the streets starting at 1:45pm. Shift time 9:15-2:15pm

Kids Activity Volunteers – Set up and run bike education activities for kids alongside BikePGH staff. Shift time 9:15-2:15pm

Lunch Volunteers – Provide lunch to volunteers via bicycle pickups and deliveries all along the route. This will require volunteers to provide their own cargo bike or bike with saddle bags.. and to be ready to pedal! Shift time 11:00-12:30pm

“No Parking” Sign Tear Down Volunteer: Volunteers will enjoy the day riding along the route tearing down all BikePGH “no parking” signs. Shift time: 10:00-12:00pm (or when complete)

Intersection Heroes – Work in a team and direct participants at an intersection along the route using fun supplies like foam hands and pool noodles. The main responsibility is to keep OpenStreetsPGH participants out of the intersections while car traffic passes through. There will be BikePGH staff and Public Safety working with you. Shift time 9:15-2:15pm