Man jumping on a bike

How do I get to the event?

However you’d like! We strongly suggest walking, riding a bike, or taking public transit. We can’t wait to see you in the streets on Sunday, May 27th from 9AM – 1PM!

Walking or Biking

If you walk, you can enter the course wherever you’d like. There’s no start or end point and no barricades for pedestrians or bikes.


There are detours for all of the buses along the OpenStreetsPGH route. For more information about detours, visit, or call 412-442-2000.

  • Bus routes will be affected from about 8AM – 1PM in Downtown, the Uptown and South Side.


Here are the main things you need to know if you are driving:

  1. There are 11 permeable intersections where cars will be able to cross the OpenStreetsPGH route during of the event. Use the route map to plan your trip.
  2. Most parking garages will be open for parking.

If you drive, you’ll need to park nearby and walk to OpenStreetsPGH as the route itself is closed to cars. Most major parking lots and garages will be accessible during OpenStreetsPGH.


Will I be able to park along the route?

For safety reasons, there is no parking along the route during the event. We will begin towing cars at 5 AM on Sunday to ensure that the course is clear and safe by morning.

Where can park?

You can use ParkPGH to see check the availability parking spaces in Downtown and Strip District parking lots. Click here for our blog post about car parking near OpenStreetsPGH.

Where can I park to do my grocery shopping in the Strip District?

Parking lots will be available in the Strip District! For more information, check our blog post about parking!

Road Closures

While the course itself will be closed to cars, detours will be marked and auto traffic will be able to cross the route at major intersections. For more details, see this map. If your destination is on the course itself, you will need to park nearby and walk.