Learn about OpenStreetsPGH

We’re back for 2024!

What is OpenStreetsPGH? OpenStreetsPGH temporarily closes roads to car traffic, and invites Pittsburghers to reimagine our streets as places for people. Walk, run, bike, skate, roll, dance, and enjoy the road at your own pace. Jump into a free fitness class at our wellness hub, learn how to bike at our kids hub, grab food from local vendors, and enjoy fun activities hosted by local organizations.

This event series is organized by Bike Pittsburgh, a non-profit organization who works on behalf of the Pittsburgh community to transform our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk. The best way to support OpenStreetsPGH is to become a BikePGH member!

OpenStreetsPGH is inspired by the global open streets movement. Hundreds of cities around the globe celebrate open streets to promote car-free transportation, healthy outdoor activity, and community engagement using city streets.


Participating in OpenStreetsPGH

It’s free to participate in OpenStreetsPGH, and there is no registration or ticket required. Just come ready to bike, walk, skate, or roll through the streets. You can start anywhere along the route, and go either direction. People of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Volunteering at OpenStreetsPGH

Want to volunteer at OpenStreetsPGH? Go to openstreetspgh.org/volunteer and pick your favorite role! Do you live in one of the neighborhoods on the OpenStreetsPGH route and want to spread the word about the event to your neighbors? Email us at openstreetspgh@bikepgh.org.

No parking on the event route

There is no parking allowed on the OpenStreetsPGH route. “No parking” signs will be posted along the event route. Safety for event participants is our top priority, so cars still parked on the route early in the morning of the event will be towed. Driveways for businesses and residences along the route will not be accessible from 9:00am to 2:30pm.

Is the event rain or shine?

Yes! OpenStreetsPGH is a rain or shine event. Make sure to come prepared for whatever the Pittsburgh weather may have in store! If severe weather conditions impact safety, the event may end early or be canceled. Keep an eye on social media @bikepgh + @openstreetspgh for the latest updates.

Where do I get my bus if the stop is closed?

Pittsburgh Regional Transit Bus Routes will be detoured during event hours from 10 am – 2 pm. We recommend contacting PRT directly for the stop information you need, and updates will also be posted here: https://www.portauthority.org/Detours/

Oh no! My car / driveway / parking will be blocked during this event and I need to go somewhere, what should I do?

If you will need uninhibited access to your vehicle, make sure to park off the route! If you require ADA access to your home during the event (or know you need to leave or return to your home and are absolutely not able to park elsewhere) please contact us immediately. Email (nora@bikepgh.org) or phone (412-325-4334) NO LATER THAN 5pm on Thursday, July 25th and we can plan for a safety official to escort your car off the route. Please make sure to use your flashers and drive slowly.

How do I bike and walk safely in a crowd?

Riding among many cyclists, walkers, scooters, and more during OpenStreetsPGH requires a minimum of caution. Traffic generally flows smoothly, but slowdowns can occur and things can get crowded! Share the road safely with others – pedestrians should keep to the right of the roadway at all times. Those on wheels should stay aware of your surroundings, obey the course speed limit of 10mph, and watch for imperfections in the road. In the event that volunteers ask you to yield to pedestrians wishing to cross the street, or to an emergency vehicle, please be courteous.

What should I do if I get hurt or in an emergency?

For emergencies, always call 911 FIRST! OpenStreetsPGH has ambulances stationed at each of our activity hubs that can get to any location on the course in minutes. For minor first aid needs, visit the BikePGH tent, also located at each hub.

Stay Safe at OpenStreetsPGH

The safety and security of our participants is always a top priority at OpenStreetsPGH. Check out our Safety Rules of the Route to get familiar with how to participate safely at OpenStreetsPGH. In addition to BikePGH Staff, we have teams of emergency responders on-site to respond to any medical or security emergencies. We encourage all participants to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to a staff member or safety officials. By working together, we can create a safe and enjoyable event for everyone.

Note: E-bikes are allowed on the route, as long as they’re pedaled (and not just ridden by motor). Please adhere to the 10MPH speed limit at OpenStreetsPGH.

Who organizes OpenStreetsPGH?

This event series is organized by Bike Pittsburgh, a non-profit organization who works on behalf of the Pittsburgh community to make the city safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk.

Motor vehicles dominate our city streets every day. Yet, those who get around on foot or by bike have just as much of a right to our streets. BikePGH hosts OpenStreetsPGH to flip the status quo and allow people to experience Pittsburgh’s streets in a new way. At BikePGH, we work year round to make it possible for more Pittsburghers to get around safely without a car.

We advocate for policy change and infrastructure improvements to make our streets more bikeable and walkable. We train bicyclists to confidently bike in the city and create educational materials that improve street safety for all users. We also host events for our members and the broader community that celebrate biking, walking, and car-free transportation. Learn more about Bike Pittsburgh and get involved by visiting bikepgh.org