Heirloom Superfood Market Soft Opening at OpenStreetsPGH

Juice Jams 2.0

OpenStreets is a celebration of people, hobbies, and the glory of car free streets. Juice Jams will be back again in 2018! Save the date for June 24th when we explore the Downtown Strip District and Lawrenceville. 

Are there any special promotions you do during OpenStreetsPGH?

This year at OpenStreetsPGH we will be debuting Heirloom Superfood Market’s first soft opening. Heirloom Superfood Market is our way of sharing how health has changed our lives with the people in Pittsburgh. It will be a space that offers lots of organic produce and bulk ingredients, but will also be a catalyst in creating a more inclusive and approachable health community through incorporating local vendors and hard to find products. As for the day of OpenStreetsPGH itself, we will have vendors and yoga sessions just like last year, but we hope to add even more fun to the day! Stay tuned 🙂

What are a few of your favorite highlights from participating in OpenStreetsPGH last year?

Open Streets last year was amazing. It was our first year doing Juice Jams, which was an afternoon of yoga, music, and art featuring a bunch of local pittsburgh vendors. Our favorite thing about it was that we felt like we were part of something bigger. We were able to get people to see that being active and moving is a fun and exciting thing! We also made a lot of connections with local businesses that we would not have otherwis

What kind of impact do you think OpenStreetsPGH has on your neighborhood?

We think that OpenStreetsPGH brings people together in a way that is hard to do! Movements focused on movement are an amazing base to get people to think about their health and wellness in a way that they might have not before.

Tell us a little bit about your business.

Juice Jamz was a “Celebration of Wellness” that the Pittsburgh Juice Company organized, which took place during OpenStreets. The idea was to contribute more art, music, and yoga to an already great day of movement.  

Do you have any advice for people who are on the fence about participating?

If you never try anything new, you’ll always be in the same place. Might as well give it a try! The worst that happens is you spend a day outside or it rains and we all cry.